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Keramik hybris
in our brickyards we produce and promote the materials of building ceramics produced with traditional methods (handmade bricks, clay tiles, glazed bricks and blocks, special fittings, masonry facings, mathematical tiles, form pieces, floor tiles,  roof tiles, terracotta and many others, burnt in periodical kiln and Hoffmann's Kiln) in field of the renovation of architecturalr heritage or for new non-standard building projects (glazed roof tiles, glazed masonry, glazed facings, glazed tiles and clinker fittings, modular bricks, etc.)
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Important Informations
  Monday 30 June, 2014

  demolition bricks, colours: yellow-pink Monday 07 May, 2012
demolition bricks, colours: yellow-pink. These bricks were manufactured by machine.
The bricks are in excellent state of preservation. Hardness: 15 MPa. Reclaimed Brick is frost resistant.
Price: 0,60 EUR / pcs .., without transportation.
The bricks are cleaned and stacked on pallets. 1 pallet = 300 pc a TIR = 20 pallets.

Star Product
replicated stoneware floor tiles (according to original historical floor tiles samples) with very high abrasion resistance and minimal water absorption (less than 0.5%). Custom stoneware floor tiles are produced in batches are designed for the reconstruction of historic floors (especially stoneware flooring in historic buildings from 19th and 20th centuries) as well as a decorative element of modern facilities.   In the ... read more.
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replica of historical stoneware floor tiles
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